Candice Romanow, LAc

Candice Romanow, LAc
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Sonoma office at Sonoma Holistic Center, 525 Third Street West

I am a practitioner of Chinese medicine. I use acupuncture and herbs. I have also used homeopathy, Bach flowers, aroma therapy, gem elixirs, deep tissue body work and muscle testing.

My teachers are taoists, sufis, native americans, wiccans, muslims, christians, jews, hindus, buddhists and 12-steppers. They are quantum physicists, system theorists, therapists, psychics, dancers, medicine people, herbalists, philosophers. My truest teachers never charged me money. I have literally spent years in world travel, living in ashrams, monasteries and small villages. My children are ages 31 and 32. My beautiful granddaughter will soon turn 13.

My interest is in the evolution of intention, especially as it applies to healing, and in exploring the notions of boundaries and consent. In a world which too often is not respectful of its parts, there is much that needs to be healed. My job is to strengthen your body in these domains, so that you may, in time be able to see your personal gifts to this generalized “world problem”. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, if a system (or a body) is full of violence, starvation and trauma, the solution is not to be found in cutting out the symptoms, but rather in strengthening the bonds of relatedness.

I feel privileged to be able to do the work I do. Chinese medicine is incredibly profound, and connects beautifully with the natural world. My patients are my best teachers. I know the world through you.

Acupuncture – A 5000 year old system of primary medical care capable of treating both chronic and acute conditions and based on a profound awareness of natural laws and an equally proportionate practicality. Recipients report an experience of deep relaxation as well as an alleviation of symptoms.

Chinese Herbal Medicine – An equally ancient system of pharmacology. The underlying principal is that nature contains all of the substances we need for our healing. It is only via this natural and complete form that we are able to receive full and balanced treatment without the side effects that are always present with chemical preparations.

Nutrition (Chinese) – The Chinese say that the best doctor heals with food; the next best with herbs and only the most gross of practitioners have to resort to acupuncture. Each herb and food is categorized by its functions. Nutritional advice is a very large component of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Deep Tissue Bodywork – My teacher was trained by Ida Rolf. I offer a series of ten progressive sessions designed to release blocked energies that inhibit full self expression and creativity. Among other benefits, clients have reported growing as much as an inch taller.

Candice Romanow was one of the founders of the Quan Yin Acupuncture Clinic in 1984, where she created and directed the herbal pharmacy. She also taught clinically and didactically at the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as administering the herbal pharmacies of that school. A long time student of the famed Miriam Lee, and graduate of ACTCM Acupuncture College, Romanow has also studied in Sri Lanka and Japan. Romanow spent more than a year each in India and Africa, studying natural healing and spirituality. In the past few years, she has studied Taoist teachings.

This is most welcome as it corresponds with my understanding of natural flow, and is the most alive healing context I’ve found.