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Amanda Rosenberg, CMT

Amanda Rosenberg, CMT
Healing Intentions

Mary-Margaret Mastin, AHMT

Mary-Margaret Mastin, AHMT
Polarity & Structural Balancing
Integrative Bodywork
Life Transition Support
Transformational Breathwork

By Appointment Only

What might it feel like…

To have your energy circuits open, flowing and vitalized.

To experience your body again with it’s correct ease and balance.

To access the deep quietness of yourself and the sublime peace that comes from that.

To come ‘Home’ to your unified and integrated Body*Mind *Spirit self… where healing, harmony and inspiration are a natural state of being.

These are typical transformative experiences from a Polarity Therapy based Integrative Bodywork session!  I have been honored and blessed as a practitioner of Eighteen years in practice, to help facilitate countless phenomenal shifts, return trips to ‘Om Central’ and life transformations.

Polarity Therapy based Integrative Bodywork sessions are an eclectic blend of ‘as needed’ techniques such as:
Polarity Therapy ** Ayurvedic Reflexology ** Breathwork
Chakra Balancing ** Harmonic Therapy
Some techniques are intuitively administered and are akin to:
Breema ** Trager ** Zero Balancing ** Assisted Yoga

Sessions are ‘Clothed’, 90 Minutes and Non-Invasive.
All levels of ‘delicate’ are honored and supported.  Good for all ages.
Gift Certificates, Pre-Pay Package and Sliding Scale available

Kathleen MacGregor, CMT, PC

Kathleen MacGregor
Process Coaching
Certified Massage Therapist


Sessions by appointment only.




•    Process Coaching
•    Polarity Energy Therapy
•    Rocking and Shaking
•    Percussion
•    Vibration
•    Swedish

The basis of my practice is the perspective that Body holds and reflects the interplay and communication between parts of the self such as Will and Consciousness; feminine and masculine; Mother and Spirit and more.

Tension, resistance, and trauma between these parts can be mirrored in Body and be experienced as pain, imbalance, illness, unwanted patterns of behavior, or disharmonious relating with others.  Process Coaching and Bodywork offer an opportunity to listen to and touch these parts and offer the healing balm of loving acceptance to the Self.  Miraculously, these previously unloved or unknown parts are now able to bestow their gifts upon us.

My role is to hold space for stillness and presence and ultimately- healing. Together we open to Now. Further, a large part of my awareness and practice of both Process Coaching and Bodywork is the pure and innocent pleasure of Self-love.

I received my Certificate of Massage Therapy from NHI in 1992 and my Certificate for Process Coaching in 2004 from The New Hypnosis Institute.

Donna Ruoff, CMT

Donna Ruoff, CMT
Attune Massage

Hot Stone Massage
Wholistic Massage

I named my massage practice ‘Attune’ because it means, “to bring into harmony”. Getting a massage will help to bring your body into harmony as well as connect your mind, body and spirit leaving you with a feeling of increased relaxation, reduced stress, improved blood flow and assist in lymphatic movement.

I received my schooling at the Heartwood Institute in Garberville. I completed the Swedish/Therapeutic massage class, and then I went back to Heartwood 3 months later to successfully complete a class on Integrated Hot Stone Massage.

I have a beautiful, sacred space where my clients can experience my healing touch and use the experience to empower their own healing process. I offer a one hour Swedish/Therapeutic massage or a 1 ½ hour Integrated Hot Stone Massage.

The Integrated Hot Stone Massage uses hot stones that are heated up to 120+ degrees, which will draw the body’s energy from the core to the surface. Heat will dispense the tension and bleed off excessive energy. This creates an overall sedative effect on the body’s energy. When needed, cold stones will be used to drive the body’s energy into the core, nourishing internal organs and the nervous system. The overall effect is energizing and recharges deficient energies.

I am also a clairvoyant and I have successfully completed Hand on Healing Program along with a 2 year Shamanic program with Margit Drysdale.