Kathy Fisette, CNC, MH

Kathy Fisette, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Master Herbalist
Snow Mountain Botanicals

Western Herbal Medicine:

My background is deeply steeped in traditional or alternative forms of health care. I have studied herbology for over twenty years with most of the contemporary masters of herbalism, as well as doing clinical training in herbal medicine. In 1993 I co-founded Snow Mountain Botanicals, an organic herbal extract company. I grow and wildcraft western herbs concentrating on plants of our bioregion.

In my practice I use plant remedies to relieve symptoms, heal tissue, support, balance and strengthen body systems and address nutrient deficiencies. Plants support and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. Along with herbs from the forests and fields I use what are consider culinary herbs. This natural extension of using food and tastes for healing inspired me to use nutrition as another healing process. Weaving herbs and diet together gives the body greater support for healing.


My study and love of nutrition is life long. Gardening and cooking are a passion. I studied at the Institute for Educational Therapy and am a certified nutritional educator. I continue to study and have become very focused on the endocrine system.  The delicate dance of the hormones within our whole endocrine system plays a huge role in how we feel. I use saliva testing for hormones and hair analysis as assessment tools.

In my practice my goal is to customize a nutrition and lifestyle program that provides optimal amounts and a variety of nutrients to enable individuals to cope with a fast paced, stress-filled, toxic world. Using whole, organic, natural foods, nutritive herbs, whole food supplements, lifestyle modification and working together, meal plans and lifestyle changes are created based on each persons unique biochemical needs and health goals.

Vibrant health and energy are our birthright. Learn to create it through herbal and nutritional re-education.

• Endocrine support ( Menopause, PMS, Thyroid, Adrenals)
• Weight management
• Immune enhancement
• Digestive health
• Diet Evaluation and planning