Mary-Margaret Mastin, AHMT

Mary-Margaret Mastin, AHMT
Polarity & Structural Balancing
Integrative Bodywork
Life Transition Support
Transformational Breathwork

By Appointment Only

What might it feel like…

To have your energy circuits open, flowing and vitalized.

To experience your body again with it’s correct ease and balance.

To access the deep quietness of yourself and the sublime peace that comes from that.

To come ‘Home’ to your unified and integrated Body*Mind *Spirit self… where healing, harmony and inspiration are a natural state of being.

These are typical transformative experiences from a Polarity Therapy based Integrative Bodywork session!  I have been honored and blessed as a practitioner of Eighteen years in practice, to help facilitate countless phenomenal shifts, return trips to ‘Om Central’ and life transformations.

Polarity Therapy based Integrative Bodywork sessions are an eclectic blend of ‘as needed’ techniques such as:
Polarity Therapy ** Ayurvedic Reflexology ** Breathwork
Chakra Balancing ** Harmonic Therapy
Some techniques are intuitively administered and are akin to:
Breema ** Trager ** Zero Balancing ** Assisted Yoga

Sessions are ‘Clothed’, 90 Minutes and Non-Invasive.
All levels of ‘delicate’ are honored and supported.  Good for all ages.
Gift Certificates, Pre-Pay Package and Sliding Scale available